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  • Graeme Jamieson

    I applaud your work with bringing this to your users.  However, it is only a part solution.  What about the multi channel switches?

  • Jewel Deng

    This is an excellent idea. I will make sure our developers hear you. Thanks. 

  • Bia Uwe

    What about TH10/16, 4CH and LAN?

  • Θεόδωρος Σίγμας

    Hi, Sonoff Pow is not supported, is it scheduled to add more Sonoff products with Lan Control app?

  • Jewel Deng

    @Θεόδωρος Σίγμας

    Hi Sir or madam,

    Thank you for the question.

    We will make LAN mode available to many more products soon.

    Please stay tuned. 

  • Micheál Finane

    Hi thanks for this but I all ready assign static IP addresses to my switches and just want to be able to send a command to switch on or off from whatever sub-net within my network EG VPN from outside. Having them connected to the internet 24/7 is a serious security issue. I know I can flash them with custom firmware but should I have to for such basic functionally. This new LAN mode only works if your on the same sub-net/WiFi and the switches blink for attention until they get internet back.

  • David Chub

    Why forcing to connect to the internet and make an account with location? Sonoff looks like shady amateur company.

  • Donp02


    Jewel Deng -

    I have set up LAN Mode with EweLink 3.5.3, and it works as it should.

    However, each time I quit the mobile app and then re-start the app, the app starts in WAN Mode, even though I had enabled LAN Mode. This seems like a bug, because the last "LAN/WAN Mode" setting should be restored each time the app starts up. Currently, it always starts up in WAN Mode, and ignores the fact that the user has enabled LAN Mode.

    With the current design, LAN Mode is useless to me. Even though LAN Mode itself works, I am using EweLink to control a garage door opener, and it doesn't make sense for me to drive my car into my driveway, and then sit in my car to:

    1. Launch the EweLink app.
    2. Click the "..." to open the setting menu.
    3. Click "Enable LAN".
    4. Wait for the LAN Mode to switch on.
    5. Click the button to open the door.

    I should not need to do all of these steps, as I'm sure you can see.

    Please make a request to the mobile app developers to make the "LAN/WAN Mode" setting remembered when the app is quit/launched.

    Thank you.

  • Donp02

    Jewel Deng -


    The tutorial notes above say:



    •  When WiFi network restores, LAN mode won’t be disabled and you should be able to control the device."


    I have enabled LAN Mode, and tested/used it for about 5 minutes, with the WAN connection disabled on the router.  Then, I re-connected WAN connection on the router, and the device LAN Mode stayed enabled.  However, after about 10-15 minutes the device switched back to WAN mode, and the yellow globe icon shows "0 device connected over LAN". I didn't change anything else and LAN Mode is still enabled, but the device switched itself back to WAN Mode. 


    This is not what the LAN Mode notes say, and this makes the mode useless if it doesn't reliable stay in the LAN enabled mode until the user exits LAN Mode.


    Please make a request to the device app developers to correct this bug.


    Thank you.

  • madar20022000

    firmware update Does not continue to reach 90 percent and stops

  • João Sousa


    This feature is quite nice and I already test it on the new BasicR3 with EWeLink (I plan to use these switches later on DIY mode).

    The sonoff switches still have a lot of issues when connecting to WiFi networks. I’m facing that on my home network and had to create a specific environment with an old router because the switch cannot adquire an IP through the DHCP and I would like to ask if it will be possible to set an static IP address on the device either to the EWeLink or using the tool for the DIY mode.

    Thanks for you attention.



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