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How to create scenes



  • rav.dom.device

    How to make a scene so that after activating a relay output that was activated by another scene, another output in another module was activated. If I do it with a button, it works, but if it is run via an event, it doesn't work, why?

  • Giuseppe AINO

    Is there a way to send an e-mail when is triggered a scene (but without IFTTT)?

    I know that there isn't yet... but I hope :-)

    complicated but suitable solution:

    One solution could be an hardware device (eWeLink compatible) to include in the scenes that collects details from the devices involved and sends an email with those details.

    The device will be configured with the data of an external SMTP to use

    Thank you

  • Jm

    Existe alguna forma de que en la pantalla de escenas dlSmarphone aplicacion ewelink,  indique que escena esta activada y si es temporizada, el tiempo restante hasta completar escena?


  • E. Ramos Cl

    needs to be improved. can make EG Lights go on triigered by sunset and leave on for 2 hours, but CANNOT trigger Sunrise -2 hours…. 



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