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  • Serge

    comment avoir des scenarios sur plusieurs gsm

  • Jewel

    Please note that only the device owner can create a scene with a device. 

  • Uriel Frankel

    Can the group be a staircase lights? It is also called 2/3 way light. ie closing 1 light will close the other one?

  • mezeibela63

    Yes it can be solved with Sonoff mini mounted under the old switches, and after that you have to create specific scenes for on and off. I implement with to Sonoff mini for a hall with two wall switches and two lights which aren't wired together.

    For my hall I create for scene two for ON and two for OFF, where Eloszoba2=Mini2 and Eloszoba1=Mini1

  • mezeibela63

    What about scene, are scene shareable?

  • Edgar Marcos

    How many users can I share my devices with?
    Is there a limit?

  • Natalia Long

    @Edgar Marcos

    Yes,there is a limit, it depends on your level. If free level, you can share per device to 20 users. More details you can refer to


  • HJ Gallego

    Is it still impossible to share scenes  in 2022?  Is there another way to control a shared device with Siri or is this functionality limited to just the main account?

  • leonardocf90

    I need to transfer a ownership to another account. How can I do??

  • Joe Sbd

    If reach the limit of device sharing and delete some accounts can get the quota back?


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