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Make the most of IFTTT with eWeLink



  • Lawrence

    Too bad the SONOFF MICRO device isn't supported by IFTTT.... wonder when they'll come out with a Smart USB Switch that doesn't block neighboring sockets?  Though I also want Smart Plugs that don't block neighboring sockets on a power strip....

    For now, I got eWeLink account linked to SmartThings, with IFTTT controlling the SONOFF MICROs exposed from SmartThings.  Only problem is there's a significant delay this way. (plus Alexa get's confused by the doubles from SmartThings.)

  • 신용진

    앱으로 가입자.
    ID는 폰번호

    상위 플랜을 이용하고자 했으나 이메일만 가능하다. 앱에서 폰번호로 로그인 후 메일 주소 업데이트하는 방법을 찾을 수 없다.


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