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How to Link eWeLink with Google Home from Google home app



  • Daniel Cabrera

    Buenas Tardes

    cuanto intento linkear el Asistente de Google con Ewelink, me sale el siguiente error:

  • Daniel Cabrera

    alguna solución para el problema mencionado mas arriba??

  • Jewel

    @Daniel Cabrera

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try the following solutions one by one.

    The error 'Something went wrong' usually happens due to the following reasons.

    1. Your internet connection is not good. Please try again.

    2. If you are relinking your Google account, it is possible that your eWeLink account haven't been unlinked successfully. To check, please go to this URL. If it is still linked, find eWeLink smart home action and click 'unlink'.

    3.If it still doesn't work, try the following methods.

    3.1 Try to clear the cache of your Google home app and default browser.(Make sure you have backed up your imortant data)

    3.2 If you haven't installed Chrome app on your smartphone. Please try to install one and set it as default browser and try to link with Google Home again.

    3.3 When the default browser is already Chrome but you still can't link Google home, please check if the google home app your logged in in Chrome is same as the one in Google home.If not, change to the same account and try again.

    3.4 In case the method above fails, try to download the Firefox app and set it as the default browser, and repeat step 3.

    3.5 If you are an Android user and happen to have an iPhone, please try to link on your iPhone.

  • EnergoLux

    Your application is not in the playmarket. He has gone...


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