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How to share a device with another account in eWeLink app



  • Fernando García

    How to share with admin privileges? I can share the bridge with another user, but he can't access to device settings

  • Dimitris T

    Same with me. If I remember well, in a previous version (3.5.0) you could assign attributes to what you share. Now there is only one "pofile", in which you cannot give admin control. Suggestion to Itead: The "owner" profile could do everything, the "admin" everything except add/delete (sharing) users, etc.

  • E.Israel

    Updating is not possible from 3.5.1 version the 'link' on the phone ( Latest Version >) does not work and then I downloaded and installed apk version 4.17.1 installs but simply does not change/update ( appear) the app.


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