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POWER ON STATE does not work



  • Leonid Kryvoruchko

    The same issue on my device. Is it going to be fixed?

  • Jewel

    Leonid Kryvoruchko


    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    It is determined by our tech team that power-on state should work this way. 

    Please note that it is not an issue but an intentional firmware feature that the power of the

    device will remain off if inching is enabled regardless of the power-on state. 

    Your kind understanding would be much appreciated. 

  • Leonid Kryvoruchko

    If that is not an issue than it is an important limitation and it should be mentioned in application, otherwise it is a bug.

  • Jewel

    Leonid Kryvoruchko

    Please note that this is a feature of the firmware, not the application, so it isn't specified in the application. 

  • Zubair Ahmad

    Pls note that your many customers need Power State ON feature in inching mode eagerly. It is giving hurdle the way we want to use the inching feature. If there is a option to select then why it ignore it on and react as off every time the power came. It become a useless switch if it not work this way.

  • Jewel

    Zubair Ahmad

    I understand this feature is important. However, this is a firmware feature that makes it act like that. We can only update the software. We will reach out to our partner device makers about the request concerning this firmware feature. However, it is up to them whether or not to take it. Many thanks for your kind understanding. 

  • Sanjeevraghow

    I have the same problem and I AM not using Inching and my inching is off position. Then also if power goes off and when back Network and power LED Glow on position except switch. I have to Manually switch off and switch on then it work.

  • Jewel

    Leonid Kryvoruchko Zubair Ahmad

    We plan to make improvements on this feature. 

    Could you name some user scenarios when you need inching to turn on and off devices when

    power-on state is set as on? 


    Hello sir

    I had a problem with the excellent sonoff s20 sockets which is that the socket remains off when the power returns after a power cut.
    I read your answer which is that it is due to the firmware of the socket so there was not much that could be done.
    My programming is that my refrigerator remains off from 00h00 to 04h00 if there is a cut in this time slot that does not cause any problems. And in the time period from 04:01 to 23:59 the refrigerator must remain on, but if there is a power failure, the refrigerator will remain off according to the firmware of the socket.

    My proposition:
    If in the loop cycle, in the loop type, according to a delay of your choice, we could define the time range to select an on or off state, I think this to solve the problem.
    If the return of the current is cut in the range 00h00 to 04h00, the socket remains off and as programmed to be switched off, no worries.

    But if in the time period from 04:01 to 23:59, the outlet must be on but if there is an interruption and return of power, the outlet will remain off but with the time defined in the loop, the outlet will take the state on during any this time slot.

    Here is my solution so I am waiting for the update for the loop cycle


  • Reinhold Ortlepp

    I use a SONOFF BasicR3 for a fan in bathroom connected to a switch as well.  Inching is set to switch off fan after 30min. If wall switch is flicked when someone enters bathroom after inching turned it off, the fan will not switch on as the unit is set to POWER STATE OFF. I have to use ALEXA to turn the unit on again....

    This is not practical when using inching.  It should reset device to last power state.  A wall switch should be able to turn it on again.  


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