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Unable to sign up / register



  • drew

    crap software - will not recognise a perfectly valid email address SORT IT OUT!

  • Вячеслав

    Всё перепробовал.

     Устройство зарегестрировано . а в программе показывает что устройство не всети


  • Justin Bowditch

    Where is the link to register - I can't find that

  • Gadget

    When trying to link Google Home to the account for the EWE app, it says account does not exist!




    I found that you HAVE to use Chrome and NO other browser as the login to Home does not accept other browsers. Also take note that Chrome has to be FULLY up to date with the latest version etc.


    Ps. This was the solution to 'my problem', and I have no idea if you can resolve your issue this way, but it was worth mentioning here. 


    EweLink seriously needs to update This Page ("Unable to sign up / register"), as it is a very simple fix to an extremely annoying issue. By just adding an additional point to their existing support "guide below", it would eliminate heaps of headaches 

  • Walrus

    Same issue, it says account does not exist on google home!

  • Abel

    Same for me, don't link with Google home

  • Gdroid player

    Hi, same issue here, it says account does not exist when I try to link with google home.

  • Abel

    They solved it for me by contacting their support:


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